I launched Scumfellas my junior year of college. The idea behind Scumfellas was to combine hard-hitting counterculture with streetwear and the current state of underground clothing. The result was tasteful yet gritty graphic t-shirts, hoodies, zines, and accessories acknowledging the struggles and tragedies of life. With collection names like “Repression Breeds Rebellion” and “Unite & Fight” Scumfellas is the voice of the unseen.

Starting an online clothing brand forced me to strategically think about my every move, release, post, or photo I shared. It all mattered, big or small. It all added up and ultimately created a certain image and perception around my brand. I wanted to present my brand in a style that was modern, clean yet visually striking and rough around the edges. To do this I often integrated collaging, halftones and textures into my style of design to give it a nostalgic and original approach.

Below are examples of promotional pieces I created to advertise a sale being held on the website awell as a product map.

Be sure to check out the Product Photography and Product Marketing pages to see the lookbooks and previews I have shot for Scumfellas over the years.