Barback was created during my senior year of college in my User Experience class. Our task was to redesign a current technology. I chose to redesign the way my refrigerator screen worked. The reason my redesign was more valuable than what came with the fridge is because of the range of customizability Barback offers you. The idea for Barback came from my interest in mixology and hobby as an at home bartender. I wanted mixology to be less daunting to the average user and create a product where users can simply create, store and import recipes, manage inventory, customize ice, and light settings.

The process: Once the concept was created it was time to learn about who would be using this technology in order to better understand the features that should be added. I began by creating ‘Personas’ these are examples of what your potential customer might look like. From there you begin creating an empathy and journey map to document the thought process a user might have while interacting with your product. The purpose of this is to see where your design might bottle neck and cause confusion for the user and then correct anything they may have issues with. The next step is to create a lo-fi prototype on paper that you can practice user testing with, don’t focus on the fine details like images or body copy, focus on the main function of your design. Once you receive feedback you can make your adjustments and rerun your test. After that you can then add in the details for a hi-fi prototype and move onto user testing.